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The release date for the new full length is fast approaching!!- “BEFORE THE END COMES” CD

Beware the Sonic Wolves…\,,,/

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Outlaws Of The Sun

‪#‎News‬ Taxi Driver Records Sonic Wolves

Taxi Driver Records announces the release of Sonic Wolves’ first album, titled “Before The End Comes”.

After the exclusive preview of the first single “He Said” (radio edit) in a very limited edition 7” vinyl record for Record Store Day 2016, out for Taxi Driver Records, the heavy dirty rock band from Alessandria (Italy) lead by bassist Kayt Vigil (previously in The Hounds Of Hasselvander and Pentagram, currently also in Rogue State) and drummer Vita (currently also in Ufomammut and Rogue State) together with guitarists Paolo Melotto (previously in Psyconauts) and Diniz (currently in Temple Of Dust and Mexican Chili Funeral Party) is now about to rel...

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Death By Metal STL interview

Interview With Sonic Wolves!!!

1.  When did the band form and how did you guys meet……?

VITA: I met Kayt in person when she came to visit Italy (until that moment we were only web friends with mutual friends) in May 2012. We started jamming together almost immediately. The band officially began as Tsutar a couple of months later when Kayt moved to Italy. About a year later, she and I decided to re-start the band from the top because it wasn’t really working out in the way we were expecting it to with our former guitarists. We also decided at that time to change the name to Sonic Wolves. Paul, who was the keyboardist in Tsutar, re-joined the band on guitar and vocals...

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Les Fleurs Du Mal Webzine

lunedì 15 febbraio 2016


Taxi Driver Records annuncia l’uscita in primavera 2016 del primo album dei Sonic Wolves.
I Sonic Wolves sono una band “heavy dirty rock” di Alessandria. Il progetto è nato nel 2012 da Kayt Vigil (ex bassista di The Hounds Of Hasselvander e Pentagram, attualmente anche bassista di Rogue State) e Vita (attualmente batterista di Ufomammut e Rogue State), inizialmente con diverso nome (Tsutar), e si è sviluppato nel tempo con alcuni cambi di line up.
Nel Dicembre del 2014 i Sonic Wolves registrano il primo demo negli Ampire Studio di Pistoia, con fo...
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Sonic Wolves – Making Of The Album

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Exclusive Streaming on The Obelisk..

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Tomorrow Sonic Wolves first single exclusive streaming and details on The Obelisk!

Domani il primo singolo dei Sonic Wolves in streaming esclusivo su The Obelisk!

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The Obelisk

Sonic Wolves Debut Album Due in Spring

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On It Like Sonic Wolves

On It Like Sonic Wolves

On It Like Sonic Wolves


Dirty rock from Italy on its way

Taxi Driver Records announces the release of the first album by Sonic Wolves, planned for Spring 2016.

Sonic Wolves are a “heavy dirty rock” band from Alessandria (Italy). The project started in 2012 by bassist Kayt Vigil (previously in The Hounds Of Hasselvander and Pentagram, currently also in Rogue State) and drummer Vita (currently also in Ufomammut and Rogue State), under a different name (Tsutar), and it developed with a line-up transformation.

In December 2014 Sonic Wolves recorded their first demo at Ampire Studio (Pistoia, Italy)...

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Taxi Driver Records reveals new single cover

A few weeks ago Taxi Driver Records announced that Sonic Wolves will release the debut album, on CD and vinyl, this spring of 2016. Now, it’s also our pleasure to announce the upcoming release of the new limited edition 7″ single. More details will be revealed in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime here’s a sneak preview of the cover created by Seals Of Blackening, in other words Michele Carnielli the frontman of the Venice doom trio, Krownn.

Qualche settimana fa vi abbiamo annunciato il disco di debutto su Taxi Driver Records, in uscita in Primavera su CD e LP.

Con grande piacere vi comunichiamo che l’album sarà anticipato da un singolo in 7″ in edizione limitata! Maggiori dettagli saranno svelati nelle prossime settimane, nel mentre vi facciamo vedere la copertina realizzata da Sea...

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