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Interview with Kayt Vigil on Temple Of Gid…

Featured Guest is where I interview various cool people I have crossed paths with over the years from musicians to artists, actors, authors and more. Tonight we catch up with the very awesome Kayt Vigil from the group Sonic Wolves. Kayt and I had a great talk about her music history, inspiration and news. Too cool to catch up with the mighty Kayt and talk about life, music, movies, books and more. – G
1.Hey Kayt how’re you and good to talk to you today.
Kayt- Hey there, it’s great to talk to you too.

2.Right on thank you. What have you been up to lately and how are things with your band Sonic Wolves? You guys had a 7” record entitled “He said” and then now there is the new full length “Before The End Comes” on Taxi Driver Records.

Kayt- Things are moving  right alon...

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