The release date for the new full length is fast approaching!!- “BEFORE THE END COMES” CD

Beware the Sonic Wolves…\,,,/

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Taxi Driver Records announces the release of Sonic Wolves’ first album, titled “Before The End Comes”.

After the exclusive preview of the first single “He Said” (radio edit) in a very limited edition 7” vinyl record for Record Store Day 2016, out for Taxi Driver Records, the heavy dirty rock band from Alessandria (Italy) lead by bassist Kayt Vigil (previously in The Hounds Of Hasselvander and Pentagram, currently also in Rogue State) and drummer Vita (currently also in Ufomammut and Rogue State) together with guitarists Paolo Melotto (previously in Psyconauts) and Diniz (currently in Temple Of Dust and Mexican Chili Funeral Party) is now about to release its first full length.

The sound of Sonic Wolves is an infusion of hard rock with elements of metal and psychedelic influences permeating each song. They take rock to a louder and nastier level.

“Before The End Comes” was recorded at the end of 2015 at Ampire Studio in Pistoia, with Stefano Tocci serving as studio sound engineer. Artwork by Michele Carnielli (Seals Of Blackening). The album includes 8 tracks and will be out soon on Taxi Driver Records in CD, digital and limited edition vinyl version.


Winds Of War
He Said
Freedom Is The Devil
Before The End Comes

You can see the “Making Of Before The End Comes Album” video (

) and hear the second single “Before The End Comes” (

) through Taxi Driver’s Youtube channel.Links:

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